Autism & ADHD

Brain Balance: Autism & ADHD 

Autism and ADHD are two different impaired growth and development disorders in the brain and nervous systems that contain similar symptoms, yet have key differences. Chiropractic care focuses on the spine health, which works closely with the nervous system. When the nervous system is stressed, the body malfunctions due to miscommunication with the nerves and brain.  


ADHD is defined as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Those with ADHD experience difficulties with long periods of attention, are hyper active, and do not control impulses. Struggles are concentration, sitting still, or thinking before taking any action. 


Autism affects one’s social and interpersonal communication skills.

Key Differences

While it can be difficult to see the difference in someone, especially in younger children, but those with ADHD simply cannot sit still and jump from topic to topic. They tend to talk continuously without realizing it.

Whereas Autism, individuals tend to strongly focus or obsess on something that brings them joy. They have difficulty focusing on topics they find little to no interest in. Many autistic people tend to recall facts and detailed information easily, such as math and science. 

Chiropractic care aids in the proper health of the spine. Spinal adjustments can help relieve nerves stress and help the body perform optimally, and reducing the issues that come with autism and ADHD.

If you or know someone you love has either of these disorders, Canning Chiropractic can work with you to destress your nerves and lessen the intensity.


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