Stress Kills

Stress Kills They Say…But Does It Really? And How?

Stress is typically caused by anything physical, mental or even social which impacts your biological equilibrium. Of course some degree of stress can help motivate us to complete necessary tasks, but it is when it negatively affects the body, such as your heart, brain, immune system and more. These all cause us to unfortunately age at a more rapid rate, thus weakening these parts of the body which slowly breaks down organs and can ultimately lead to death.

Cardiovascular System:

When we are under mass amounts of stress, the heart tends to work harder, faster. When the heart is experiencing this amount of chronic stress, it elevates your blood pressure, which means more stress on smaller blood vessels, leading to further damage due to inflammation with thicker blood.

Immune System:

We all know our immune system is what helps keep us healthy, but when it is compromised, the body is unable to ward off illness. But the longer the stressor lasts, the immune system continues to diminish. Ever wonder why we’re more likely to get sick when we’re stressed? 

Human Brain:

Our brains hold our memory and we do all sorts of things to keep it sharp! Sometimes short-term stressors help sharpen the memory system’s cognitive and sensory abilities. However, with long-term stressors, certain stress chemicals compile in the brain which causes damage to memory. 

Reproduction System:

Most people know that infertility is typically defined as unable to get pregnant after one year of trying. But when added stress comes in and forcing to get pregnant, deters the body from being able to conceive. That pressure of needing to get pregnant may as well be another form of birth control…but of course do not rely on this method if you are not looking to procreate! Stress basically shuts down your reproductive system preventing the body from releasing key chemicals the body requires in order to conceive.


Each organ plays its own vital role in the human body, and ages differently based on each individual. A stress chemical known as cortisol can be toxic when chronic stress is at play. When chronic stress occurs, it causes the brain to age at a rapid rate thus causing memory loss, decision-making, or even reflexes to be compromised. 


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