Eat Healthy

Easy Guide to Nutrition & Healthy Eating 

Want to eat healthier? Here’s how to boost your nutritious plate:

Carbs Are Your Friend!
Carbohydrates get a bad rep, but with the right carbs with the right serving size can benefit your health. 1/3 of your diet or plate should consist of foods like potatoes, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, wholegrain bread which is your starch. They’re full of fiber and will keep you fuller, longer.

Fruits & Veggies
Fruit and vegetables play a huge role in eating healthy, and can be super easy to consume regularly by munching on them. Eat them by itself, make a fruit salad or sub that ranch for hummus to dip your celery sticks in for a tasty alternative.

Fish & Protein
Fish is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your brain, heart and skin. Consuming animal protein is bound to keep you strong as well. 

Good Fat
A good source of good fats are avocado, coconut oil and nuts. These help keep you lean.

Most think that a diet soda is gonna help you with your sugar intake, or eliminate. Hate to break it to ya, but these are actually worse than the real stuff. It’s full of additives and even more sugar! Same goes for any foods or drinks labeled with “lite”, “reduced fat”, “fat free”, “Naturally Flavored” and “sugar free”. Which in turn is much more unhealthy than eating the regular stuff in moderation. Check the label for these labels or ingredients you cant say! Look for these artificial ingredients and opt for things like stevia or real sugar cane, or coconut sugar.

Avoid Processed Food
This should sound self explanatory but this definitely includes all fast food chains.

Drink H2O
Drink your water by drinking about 8 glasses per day. If you’re not a water fan, flavor it with some fresh squeezed lemon. Water helps fight headaches, keeps you somewhat fuller. Sometimes these negative feelings you might feel is really just your body’s way of saying you’re dehydrated. (P.S. if your urine is dark yellow, take that as a sign you need more water).


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