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Cold Laser Therapy At Canning Chiropractic and Laser Pain Solutions

Laser therapy is a cutting-edge service that can help patients get out of pain quicker and speed the healing process. This FDA-approved device directs special frequencies of light directly through the skin and deep into damaged tissues, where the light reacts with the tissue at a cellular level to promote healing.

At Canning Chiropractic and Laser Pain Solutions, we offer this effective and painless therapy for patients who may benefit from it.


A woman receiving laser treatment on her back

Is It Safe?

When people hear about lasers, many often think of sci-fi movie laser guns or high-tech cutting tools. There are many classes of lasers. Class IV lasers are FDA-approved for use on people of all ages, and they are safe and painless, as they produce no heat. This is why it’s sometimes also called cold laser therapy.

Many patients don’t feel a thing—some even wonder if we’ve done anything!

Conditions It Helps With

Because the light therapy triggers a physiological reaction in your body that increases blood flow to the affected area, it stimulates the body’s own healing ability and speeds the healing process. Increased blood flow means more oxygen and healing nutrients can be delivered to damaged tissues. This process reduces pain and inflammation in the area, and facilitates healing.

Since laser therapy promotes healing, it’s much more beneficial than pain medications that simply mask symptoms. This modality can be effective for both acute injuries, such as strains and sprains, or chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

Our Approach

Dr. Canning will conduct a thorough consultation and examination to determine if you are a candidate for laser therapy. If you are, he’ll recommend a course of care appropriate for your situation. For acute conditions, we usually start with a 6-session care plan. For chronic situations, we typically recommend 12 sessions. At each session, Dr. Canning will talk with you about your progress so far, and he’ll do a re-exam at the end of your care plan to confirm your progress.

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