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Our Mission

At Canning Chiropractic and Laser Pain Solutions, our Lawrenceville GA chiropractor is focused on providing a happy, welcoming “wellness club” vibe to make you and your family feel at home. Our mission is to help people in a gentle and specific way, while educating them about how to get out of pain and live a better life.

Dr. Chris Canning wants everyone who comes to our practice to feel heard and understood, and we take the time to get to know you. With us, you’re never viewed as a number. We are genuinely interested in your health, and your goals are our goals.

Our History

After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in California in 2009, Dr. Canning practiced traditional chiropractic for several years.

Over time, a previous neck injury began to worsen. Since it was not responding to traditional chiropractic anymore, he sought out other types of care. He drove over an hour to an Atlas Orthogonal practitioner, and after one adjustment, Dr. Canning felt remarkably better. He pursued advanced training in Atlas Orthogonal, so that he could offer the same life-changing results to others.

Dr. Canning and his wife Emily relocated from the West Coast in 2019 because they wanted to raise their family in the South. On a road trip through the area, they met the widow of a chiropractor who had practiced here for over 30 years.

She was looking for someone to take over the practice, and Dr. Canning was delighted to settle in Lawrenceville GA and offer specialized care to the community.

Creating Overall Health In Lawrenceville GA

Patients are often surprised that chiropractic care focuses on removing interference from the nervous system, which in turn allows the whole body to function at a higher level. When they learn that they can create health from within, they’re excited to embark on a more health-focused lifestyle.

Dr. Canning loves educating patients and answering their questions about anything from vitamins to exercise to what foods to eat to promote wellness. And if he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll find out or find someone who does.

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