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We strive to make getting the care you need convenient and affordable. When you schedule with our Lawrenceville GA chiropractic office, you can complete and submit your new patient paperwork online, to save you time in the office. Since our approach utilizes full-spine and cervical X-rays, we ask that you wear comfortable clothing (workout attire is ideal), with no metal, jewelry, or underwire bras.

Your First Lawrenceville GA Chiropractic Visit

Our practice keeps a warm, welcoming, and homey feel to put patients at ease and help them feel comfortable. When you come into our “living room,” our friendly front desk staff will greet you and make you feel at home. Then you’ll sit down for a consultation with our chiropractor, Dr. Canning.

He will take the time to understand what’s been going on with your health, and what your goals are. He’ll do a thorough physical examination, followed by full spine X-rays and, if you are receiving Atlas Orthogonal care, cervical X-rays.

Plan on about one hour for this visit.

Your Second Visit

At your second appointment, which we typically schedule for the next day, Dr. Canning will go over your X-rays with you and explain all his findings.

He’ll make his recommendations for care and lay out the costs involved with your care plan.

Then you’ll receive your first adjustment. This visit usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

Regular Visits

Your ongoing care will take about 10-15 minutes per visit.

Depending on the type of condition and your goals, we may recommend care plans of 6 visits, 12 visits or more.

We’ll re-evaluate at that point to assess your progress and make further recommendations.

Affordable Care

The doctors in our office do not participate in managed care networks and are considered out-of-network providers for all insurance plans. Our office manager can provide a superbill, or super receipt, that you can submit to your healthcare plan for direct patient reimbursement. As is customary for professional services, payment is due at the time of service. Please note that we accept FSA/HSA cards from all plans.

Our clinic offers treatment plans for all budgets. We help many patients that do not have any insurance coverage. Do not let limited coverage deter you from getting the relief that you need. You do not need a medical referral to receive a consultation or treatment at our clinic.

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