Auto Accident/Whiplash

Necessary Steps Post Auto Accident

Auto Accidents, whiplash, self care, and everything in between.

Car accidents are already stressful as it is. Most of us have been in an auto accident at some point in time, whether we were at fault or not. Reporting the accident to your insurance, creating a claim, getting it fixed, renting a car, it can feel like the list of “To-Do’s” never end. It’s easy to forget all the steps to make sure you’ve done all that is needed on your end, and waiting to hear back from your insurance company. It is important to take care of yourself too. Regardless if it was a minor fender bender, these can still cause injury. You may not feel it right away, but the pain can slowly creep up. If not addressed early on, the pain will worsen and lead to further pain or issues. 

Chiropractic care can eliminate pain before it greatly affects you later on. By readjusting your spinal cord, any internal inflammation is reduced, pinched nerves are free and your range of motion is back. 

If you or know someone you love has recently been in an auto accident, minor or major, give us a call to create a treatment plan!


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